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Nov 11, 2012 9:30am EST
where we started. president obama in the ite house,emocrats corolling the senate republicans icontrorol of t the hse. . maryland voters overwhelmingly papassed to the dream act to a, approved gayay marriage, and m willll be building a new casino at national harbor. what does it mean for you and your wallet? we have a special half-hour withh our roundtable todayo take the post-election pl. joining us,s, >> lilive, anand in hd, this is abc 7 "n"news at noo" on your s side. " regular "washington business report" regular peter morici, economist atat the university ofof mararyland, marion blakey of the american -- induries is a trespass industries association -- aerospacee industries association. everybody thought there woululd be some clarity aft this s was all over. we will get to theiscal cliff later. let's see go with clarity. do you see any a after tuesday night? >> the fog of uncertainty iss yet to left. it was the status qu election, and not everyone is pivotiting to the problems of the debt and deficit. this certaly did not s spend enoughgh time e on it during the election. >> peter,
Nov 4, 2012 9:30am EST
in distress. >> we were given an award in 2010 from the obama administration which was given to 60 ban in the couountry out of 8000. it is an exaxample of the kind of business we operate. we serve mom and pop businesses, growing businesses, and provide a terrific service. >>we h had a view that small banks were at a competitive disadvantage. i think s small community bananks arthe heart and soul of this country them that we allow them to pool their resources so they can share aspects to leverage scale and compete with lararger institutions. >> your friends say you have had other unique business opportunities. they say you decided to go in a different direction and run for congress. if you win, you will be a junior memember of congress. >> i think i can make a fference. creating over 2000 jobs and help over 5000 small businesses in the country. the private sesector create the jobs in this country but there is a clear role for government in making certain invements that we need for the private sector to thrive. can make a huge difference in our country. >> scoe bartlett is someone who wo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2